Email Marketing for Health & Beauty

So you're a weight loss guru, trainer, or skin and hair magician. What you do affects clients’ quality of life and confidence. But how’s your marketing looking? Let GetResponse email marketing polish your image!

A few examples of how you can use GetResponse to grow your business:

  • Choose the perfect salon or fitness template from 500+ designs, then pump up the volume with 1000+ FREE iStock images and up to 1 GB of media.
  • Automate and send unlimited health and beauty newsletters to update clients on new practitioners, clinics and workshops, referral reward coupons, and more!
  • Use custom web forms and free online surveys to build your prospect list and respond quickly to changing trends and interests in your specialty.
  • Make it easy for clients to pass along your spa or fitness newsletters and generate new business with one-click social media integration and sharing.
  • Segment your contacts and target your messages according to demographics, appointment frequency, focus areas, style preferences, and other key factors.
  • Track and measure every time a client opens your email or clicks on a link; then use online analytics to make sure each campaign is better than the last!
  • Join the email design revolution!
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