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Email Marketing for Non-profits

Whether your goal is to drive membership, increase donations, or raise awareness, with our innovative email marketing tools, you’ll reach new audiences and motivate supporters, with less impact on your budget.

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A few examples of how you can use GetResponse to grow your business:

  • Expand your agency offering while creating a new revenue stream with performance-proven email marketing services.
  • Create professional looking newsletters for any audience and industry with 350+ templates and 1000+ FREE iStock images!
  • Easily segment lists and send personalised messages that strengthen relationships, increase loyalty – and boost conversion rates.
  • Split test to ensure you send the best. Create up to 5 messages to test the impact of titles, design, and content on your client’s audience.
  • Capture target audience and market data quickly with easy-to-create web forms and FREE online surveys.
  • Track, measure and report on every aspect of your client’s programmes using full colour graphs and custom data sets, delivered to your inbox daily.
  • Join the email design revolution!

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