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GetResponse for retail

Traditional retailers face daunting challenges competing against online sellers. GetResponse has the tools you need for a perfect marriage between your brick-and-mortar retail store and the virtual world of internet marketing.

Take shoppers online.

Build relationships with shoppers by giving them great reasons to stay in touch with you online.

  • Entice store shoppers to sign up to receive news about upcoming sales and seasonal special offers.
  • Set up a customer loyalty programme to keep your best customers coming back for more.
  • Invite shoppers to private sales with the best deals only available to your community of email subscribers.

Attract traffic to your store.

Make your GetResponse marketing list the hub of your contact management system to generate repeat sales.

  • Lure online shoppers into your store with special bargains targeted just to them.
  • Send exciting videos of your latest doorbuster sale or private event to bring customers back for more.
  • Send video testimonials recorded in-store featuring customers who are delighted with their latest find.

Maximise sales.

Analyse shopping habits and preferences to keep offering customers more of what they like to buy.

  • Send automated offers for add-on and cross-sell merchandise based on analysis of recent purchases.
  • Offer your best customers up-sell deals to get them to try your premium merchandise.
  • Send unlimited surveys to learn more about customer preferences and buying habits.

“My private membership programme,, gets a huge boost in traffic thanks to the autoresponders, weekly newsletter updates, and notifications sent to members numerous times each month. That's where the forms and templates play a big part in keeping interest in the programme high.”

Shirley George Frazier –

Generate year-round business.

Use GetResponse to invite subscribers into your store for exciting sales events and promotions.

  • Design holiday campaigns in advance then save the winners for repurposing next year.
  • Announce seasonal promotions and build excitement with a countdown to savings.
  • Make every holiday and change of season a great reason to email your list with special offers.

Socialise your store.

Tap the power of the social web to attract new customers and build a community of loyal customers.

  • Offer special deals for social media fans and followers who sign up for your marketing list.
  • Expand into new markets by making it easy for your loyal fans to share your offers with online social contacts.
  • Consolidate marketing lists from in-store sign-ups, social media, email lists, CRM.
  • Encourage and incentivise sharing.

Go mobile.

Become user-friendly for mobile shoppers, the fastest-growing market segment on the planet.

  • Design mobile responsive offers that look great on desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Use our free smartphone app to communicate with your list even when you’re on the go.
  • Create in-store signs for mobile shoppers with scan codes leading to in-depth information and pricing comparisons.

Build top-of-mind awareness.

Communicate with customers in a style to match your store branding.

  • Upgrade your image with online communications designed with drag-and-drop ease.
  • Create a branded online look to match your in-store look.
  • Refresh your website with seasonal sign-up forms and custom landing pages from template or from scratch.

Reach your sales goals.

Is your finger on the pulse of your e-commerce business?

  • Analyse trends and online buying habits to find out which campaigns produce the best ROI.
  • Use A/B testing to identify designs your customers love to open, click, and buy from.
  • Follow the trail of social media sharing to discover new markets filled with perfect prospects.

Add the power of GetResponse
to any retail store.

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