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Facilitate mobile integration with many marketing channels and spaces using the GetResponse QR Code Generator, available in your GetResponse Multimedia Studio.

Reach new audiences with each campaign by making QR codes available via printed posters, leaflets, billboards, or any other offline space. With one click your prospects will be able to download your vCard, location map, discount voucher, or take actions such as subscribing, sharing a link, or making a purchase.

Get QR Codes with GetResponse

The GetResponse QR Code Generator allows you to create a code for the following formats:

  • URL: to promote any link
  • Phone number: to enable dial-free instant phone calls
  • SMS: to text you back with a predefined text
  • Email address: for a quick email inquiry
  • vCard: to add your brand to their address book effortlessly

Mobilise Email Marketing with QR Codes

Go to our Learning Centre to find out about the many ways you can utilise QR codes in your marketing campaigns and integrate email marketing with other related channels - answers to all your QR code questions.

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