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Learn what your subscribers want by asking for their feedback with handy online surveys and questionnaires. Find out what they really think so you can create perfectly targeted offers.

Use GetResponse Online Surveys as your ultimate market research tool, for free. Study your targets’ demands, preferences and beliefs to provide exactly what they need.

Invite your customers to join the conversation

Increase your brand’s credibility and reputation by asking for opinions and dealing with feedback. Send surveys to ask for:

  • reviews of your site, newsletter or tutorial programme
  • evaluation of your products and services
  • preferences and needs of customers
  • ideas on what they would change
  • comparison with competition

and lots more.

A perfect market-research tool

Creating a multi-question survey has never been easier with our user-friendly survey wizard. It offers a whole range of question formats and possibilities, so you can ask the right questions in the right way.

To create a professional impression you can:

  • Customise the question form with your brand logo.
  • Use multiple question types in one survey.
  • Email the survey or host it on your site.
  • Include a subscription form.
  • Schedule a thank-you note or redirect to a thank-you page.

GetResponse doesn't just provide tools for generating and collecting surveys. It can also provide you with detailed results in an easy-to-read format on the spot. Getting professional market intelligence is now possible – at no extra cost.

Research your targets now. Gather market intelligence and perform professional analysis − without spending a dime extra!

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