Web Event Tracking

Get more conversions from your website traffic

GetResponse Marketing Automation provides advanced tools for e-commerce to help you squeeze the most out of your inbound traffic. Simply add our JavaScript code to your site and get tracking!

Use conditions in Marketing Automation campaigns
to move your prospects through a buying cycle.

Web Event Tracking

Visited URL

Uncover who is visiting your website,
how often, and why.

  • Understand subscribers’ interests based on the pages they visit.

  • Evaluate the pages on your website that are getting the most traffic.

  • Assign tags and scoring points after every visit.

  • Send targeted mailings based on specific page visits.


Nurture relationships based on customer
buying habits.

  • Track every time someone enters your post-purchase thank-you page.

  • Send a thank-you message or move contacts to a different campaign after they finish shopping.

  • Assign tags and scoring points for each purchase.

  • Analyse the number of abandoned baskets and build separate retention paths.

How does it work?

Whether you choose to integrate your website through API or JavaScript code, you can start tracking in minutes.
Send the JavaScript to your developer, or copy and paste to your website yourself
. And that’s it! Our Web Traffic
Tracking tool is ready to work with any provided URL.

Combine traffic tracking with a variety of conditions, actions, and filters
for the ultimate in conversion optimisation!

20.8% of marketers use marketing automation to inform recipients about a transaction or other event. Use web analytics to see what happens beyond the click in the email CTA.

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