Automation Segmentation

Get targeted, make more impact

Create supremely personalised customer journeys. Easily filter your contact lists based on custom data and behaviours for highly-targeted marketing automation workflows, to send the content they want at the time they need it.

Maximise their engagement and your sales. With communications this specific, your subscribers won’t be able to resist!

Adapt your marketing to your subscribers

Target distinct subscribers in your workflows through the dynamic segment filter.

Create dynamic segments based on countless combinations, like:

  • subscriber custom field data

  • geolocation

  • subscription date

  • last message date

  • webinar participation

  • presence in autoresponder cycle

Harness the power of your custom fields

Your database is a goldmine!

Put it to work and utilise custom fields in your workflows:

  • address your contacts with personalised content based on their preferences or buying routines

  • create advanced subscriber profiles based on their demographics, purchase history, and online behaviour

  • add and remove custom fields based on their stage in the customer's individual journey

  • send a targeted offer based on your subscribers’ location or desired score

  • move contacts to a desired campaign based on custom field value

  • apply workflows based on survey responses saved as custom fields

  • dynamically update your subscribers’ profiles by adding or removing custom fields as they progress through your workflows

and so much more.

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