Addressing specific goals

Avoid the mistake of overhauling your workflow to fit a complicated marketing automation system. Instead, choose flexible modular solutions to reach specific goals: nurturing leads, integrating your CRM, extending customer lifetime value.

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Long-term investment

Recent studies show that today’s small businesses (SMBs) experience high rates of return from automation — it’s an investment, not an expense. Calculate how soon it will pay off in reduced costs, improved sales, and stronger profitability.

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Not just a platform

Rather than shopping for flashy features, choose features that deliver benefits. Want better relationships? Automated communication may be the answer. Better conversions? Look into personalisation and dynamic content. Improved ROI? Automate your upsells, cross-sells, and add-on sales.

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How can you get started today with Marketing Automation?
First, brainstorm answers to these questions:

  • Are you missing out on opportunities due to inefficiencies in your prospect database?
  • Have you created a seamless way to capture new leads and ease them into your sales funnel?
  • Could you generate more sales if you had a better understanding of prospect behaviour?
  • Would your customer lifetime value (CLV) increase if you implemented a loyalty campaign?
  • How much could you speed up your sales cycle if you automated your lead-nurturing techniques?
  • Could you save time and money by integrating your marketing with your CRM?
  • Does every hot lead enjoy a consistent conversion experience on the road to becoming a customer?


Reaping the benefits of automation requires superb execution. For Marketing Automation success, adopt the best practices of today’s sharpest marketers:

  • Study your sales cycle to find repetitive tasks you can improve, streamline, and optimise.
  • Take the time to consider what your audience wants and expects to hear from you.
  • Set goals for making a positive impact on one or more specific areas of your business.
  • Outline an automation plan with measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you evaluate progress and stay on track.
  • Meet with your teams and align automated systems to meet today’s needs and pave the way for a better tomorrow.
  • Follow through to get the most out of what’s working and tweak what needs improving.


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