Custom Fields Re-invented

Subscriber info under full control

Collect automatically validated data about your audience. Then create advanced profiles of your subscribers: demographics, geo-location, habits, preferences and personal info. Store the information in your account and use it for maximum personalization and razor-sharp email targeting.

Learn more about your subscribers

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Custom fields:


Learn more about your subscribers

Now it’s easier than ever to ask for details and preferences. Just add custom fields to your web forms and surveys. Then analyze your audience by creating advanced search criteria or by browsing individual subscribers and their complete profiles.

Go PRO with email personalization

Custom field merge tags sound like rocket science, but they’re a piece of cake. They can produce massive results by adding a personal touch to the subject line and email copy to show your audience that you think of them as individuals.

Target for results
  • Geolocation
  • City is
  • Seattle
  • Custom field
  • Gender is
  • Female

Target for results

The more custom fields you collect, the more accurate your targeting can be. Segment your audience by age, gender, location, or any other criteria. Customize your content to match their interests and needs. Then watch engagement grow.

Custom fields are more than just first name.

Custom fields are more than just first name.

With pre-defined custom fields types and formats, you can ask your subscribers anything and store the answers in a neat, convenient database. And with automated data validation for pre-defined custom fields, your subscriber profiles will include records in correct, ready-to-use formats.

Use GetResponse’s wide selection of pre-defined custom fields to save time and unify your data. Or create custom fields based on available types and formats.

Use advanced custom fields to get more information about your subscribers. 14% of marketers use segmentation as well as automated rule-based personalisation for different audiences.

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