Enterprise Solutions

GetResponse provides a comprehensive set of powerful solutions, scaled and customized to help medium and large companies take advantage of greater business opportunities.

Our Enterprise Services are designed for organizations that are focused on implementing high impact campaigns, that drive effectiveness. The suite includes standard GetResponse features like Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Revolutionary Forms, and Perfect Timing. As well as dedicated infrastructure, full customization, and professional consultancy.

  • Dedicated IP Address

    Your company is assigned a unique IP address to protect your email reputation and help you achieve top email deliverability. Along with a custom DKIM and dedicated infrastructure, this enables powerful communication with your large database.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    We assign a dedicated Account Manager to work with you proactively to improve efficiency and optimize your online marketing campaigns for better performance. Our team of experts is always available for advice, consultations, and targeted support.

  • Onboarding & Training

    The transition to GetResponse is smooth and easy. Our team helps you at every step of account setup, assisting you with your IP address and seamless server setup. We provide training materials covering every aspect of online marketing, from list management to API integrations.

  • Consulting

    Our ROI experts can take the lead to help you generate maximum conversions. We perform a rigorous analysis of your marketing practices, identify leakages, and offer tailored solutions for improving engagement and increasing customer retention.

  • 100% Security

    Our servers are reliable, redundant, and secure, delivering campaigns at top speed. We ensure that your domain is on a public list of trusted senders and whitelisted with all major Internet service providers (ISP) to guarantee minimum spam complaints.

  • Deliverability

    We are proud to provide a spam-free solution, achieving a consistent deliverability rate over 99%. We team up with industry leaders like ReturnPath, SpamHaus, and SpamAssassin to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance and protect the reputation of our customers.

Choose from a variety of professional services:

Email audit

We review and manage list hygiene, list segmentation, imports, and share our best practices.

Content development

Our copywriters draft your message, creating engaging content that generates higher response rates.

Email template design

We offer end-to-end design and customization of templates, with HTML optimized to render designs correctly on all platforms.

Custom integration

Our software engineers work with your team to integrate and automate email marketing with your in-house systems to create an effective workflow.


GetResponse allows you to white label your domain and exclude the GetResponse logo from your messages to build your brand reputation.

Industry Solutions

At GetResponse, we have marketing solutions designed for all types of industries. We share our best practices, tools, and tips to help you create tailor-made marketing campaigns. Learn more about the limitless possibilities of GetResponse for your industry!
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