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Spam Checker

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Ensure that your emails pass any ISP’s anti-spam tests with flying colours. Follow industry best practices and test your messages with Spam Checker powered by SpamAssassinTM.

Keep your messages from landing in spam boxes. Check them against the strictest criteria to preserve a glowing reputation with ISPs and maintain the highest delivery rates.

Get Maximum Protection

Get Maximum Protection

SpamAssassinTM tests your messages to eliminate any elements that could be interpreted as spam.

The program looks for “spam words" as well as formatting, types of links, embedded files and graphics, HTML coding, subject lines, and other elements of the creative. It also provides feedback on what needs to be changed.

SpamAssassinTM is included in the GetResponse Message Editor, so that using it becomes a natural stage of your newsletter routine. Test every message and it will always get the ISP's go ahead.

External Application Support

SpamAssassinTM is an external software package maintained and continually updated by the industry leaders at the Apache Software Foundation.

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