Time Travel

Your emails – delivered right on time, all over the globe.

Turn on Time Travel and make sure your messages
are delivered at the same local time in every time zone.

Keep it consistent.

How do you keep your emails highly relevant and maintain ongoing engagement with your recipients? Always be on time.

“One size fits all” shouldn’t be your mantra for email delivery. Remain consistent and make sure your subscribers receive your message at the appropriate time for their time zone.

Time travel makes it simple.

Want to make sure your email hits the inbox at 8 a.m. no matter where in the world your subscribers are located? GetResponse Time Travel handles the logistics, automatically.

No advanced segmentation or automation tools. Just a little bit of GetResponse magic.

Refine your timing by analysing your hourly stats and you'll always reach your subscribers with a perfectly targeted offer when they're most responsive and most likely to convert.

Schedule your messages with time travel and you'll be sure they are delivered at the same local time for all recipients.
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