Global View

Track audience engagement around the world, around the clock


Instantly view reactions to emails
as you send them.

Michael Jr. SmithLos Angeles


Check out who and where opens,
shares and likes your content in real time. (Los Angeles) opened your email on a Mac OSX2 minutes ago


View details of your most active
subscribers as they click.

Instantly track subscriber reactions to your emails.
Get to know people — not statistics.

Real-time user info

Get to know your subscribers — where they’re based, what operation system they’re using and what they’re doing with your emails as they receive them. Track their activity and preview their complete details on one web page.

More than clicks

Find out who’s opening and clicking your emails and who’s sharing them in other channels. Track user behaviour and preferences in Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Global View takes you wherever your subscribers go.

Worldwide view

Track subscribers all over the world with ease, in full-screen! View their activity on a global scale or zoom down to cities and streets for details.

View global audience engaged with GetResponse emails every second

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