Intuitive Email Analytics

Get the right data, make the right moves

Real-time activity tracking

View engagement and effectiveness stats such as opens, CTRs, and goals reached in real time and as they change hour by hour. Discover your subscribers' activity patterns and optimise your campaigns performance based on sound data.

Real-time activity tracking

Mobile view stats

Find out which email clients your recipients use to view your emails - Yahoo, iPhone, Outlook, or Gmail. Compare desktop clients against mobile ones. View details for particular email clients and browsers. Optimise your emails to match audience preferences.

Desktop stats
Mobile stats

Email comparison

Compare the results of two messages and find out which one generated better results. Easily analyse opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and conversions for a clear picture of what works best for your audience and why.

Real email ROI

Find out how your email campaigns convert on your website. Simply install a website tracking code, and GetResponse will track the number of sales, sign-ups, or visits that arrive from a link in an email campaign.

Autoresponder statistics

Now you can compare statistics for all autoresponder messages on easy-to-read graphs. Quickly identify weak points and tweak individual messages for better performance and better results.

Autoresponder statistics
Autoresponder statistics

Subscriber stats

Which view works best for you - chart or table? We've got both! Easily check the size of your list. Verify the number of subscribes and unsubscribes. Thoroughly investigate which sign-up methods your audience prefers. Then watch your list grow day by day.

Subscriber stats
List growth


Avg per day


Social sharing stats

Measure the buzz your emails generate across the web by counting tweets, likes, and comments from the top social networks — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Stats help you decide which social sites work best for you.

One-Click Segmentation

With one click, select responsive subgroups and send relevant content to those who open or click your message. For those who didn’t open an email message, tweak the subject line and send your message again.

One-Click Segmentation

Smart Reporting

Set up automated reports to be emailed according to a schedule: for example, three days after publishing the message. Interactive graphs tell you everything about your campaigns, from opens and clicks to bounces and reasons for unsubscribing.

Smart Reporting

A/B testing

Increase your email engagement and learn what works best for your contacts. Test, analyze, and tweak your email for peak performance with the robust A/B testing functionality. You can test your message content, subject line, from field, time of day, and day of the week. Create up to 5 versions for any of these A/B test types to find out the best strategy.

click rate 8%
click rate 12%

Global View

Regardless of the scope of your business, it's important to know what kinds of actions your clients take in various locations. Our handy map view lets you precisely locate subscribers all over the globe and accurately monitor and define response habits.

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“GetResponse is the ultimate system to use to be able to track traffic to your website. The email analytics are really detailed, so you can really track the different aspects of your campaign. No-one in business that is running an online marketing campaign should be without GetResponse.”

Brenda Cleland,

The average open rate across industries is 27%. Optimise your open rate by testing your subject lines and preheaders.

Only 16.5% of marketers use advanced email analytics to measure the ROI of each piece of content sent through email.

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