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Create HTML email your way

Get creative, build beautiful emails – just like that

Unlock your creative genius with beautiful templates and unlimited design solutions.

Drag-and-drop freedom

Make any template one of a kind; adjust every photo and image to reveal its true quality with the ultimate WYSIWYG email editor and its limitless options:

  • Smart image editing: scale, resize, crop, and more all inside your draft. Check out your image editing options.
  • Email creation history: view the history of your newsletter and easily undo any changes.
  • Basic blocks library: quickly add buttons, text blocks, images, and more – wherever you want.
  • Snippets archive: save and reuse content snippets across different emails, as many times as you want.
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Integrated spam scoring

Optimize the spam-folder resistance of your email messages through an advanced spam check of your content, powered by SpamAssassin™. Make your email foolproof to the strictest anti-spam criteria to avoid spam flagging, improve your reputation with ISPs, and optimize deliverability.

SpamAssassin™ checks message content against frequently updated lists of “spam words”, and specific spam filters that analyze formatting, the amount and types of links, images, coding, From fields, headers, disclaimers, and more. Then, SpamAssassin™ will provide you with tips about areas that require corrections.


Fully responsive emails

Your emails will look perfect, no matter what device they're viewed on. All emails created in GetResponse are automatically optimised for all mobile devices, at no extra cost. Preview your mobile creation in real-time using the mobile email preview inside the email builder.

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Automatic product recommendations

Using real world data sourced from your ecommerce store, you can upsell your customers by recommending products you know they'll like. Easily bring customers back to your store for more by simply dragging and dropping the recommendations block into your messages and choose
the product categories you want to promote.

Over 500 templates and 1000 images available for free

Choose from the gallery of beautifully-designed email templates for a professional feel. Use one of the 1000+ images available to unlock your creative potential and attract, impress, and inspire your recipients.

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Email template thumbnail
Email template thumbnail
Email template thumbnail
Email template thumbnail
Email template thumbnail
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Email template thumbnail
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Creating your way

Start from scratch with the basic templates or code your own. Check out our developer documentation to learn more.

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Already have templates of your own? Easily import from ZIP file or URL, or copy and paste the code.


Fine-tuning your message

A/B testing

With GetResponse it’s easy to test, analyse, and tweak your emails for peak performance. Test up to five variations of subject lines, email content, from fields, or delivery times.

Dynamic content and personalisation

Use what you know about your customers to deliver only the most relevant, highly personalised and valuable content. Display different images, CTAs, and wording, based on customer preferences and actions..

Inbox preview

Make sure your emails look great in all inboxes before you hit send. Use the email validation tool for a preview in desktop, webmail, and mobile devices.

Mobile preview

Perfectly designed emails – for all devices. Use the in-editor mobile preview to keep an eye on your design every step of the way.

Social media integrations

Increase your campaign’s impact with social media integrations. Encourage social sharing, grow your list, automate updates, and engage with videos through high-impact social integrations.

Click tracking

Keep your finger on the pulse of your email marketing campaigns. Monitor your click rates with valuable click rate statistics.

Google analytics tracking

Data fans rejoice! Link your Google Analytics account and your message performance statistics will be available in your Google Analytics dashboard.


Preheaders are an essential part of your emails. Easily drag and drop one into your emails to give your recipients more of a reason to open.

Test messages

You wouldn’t buy shoes without trying them on first, so don’t hit send before you’ve tested the message yourself. Send test messages to any from field email in your account.


Not every resource is best as a web download. Add up to 400kB of files as attachments to your messages.

Online email archive

Your messages are a work of art, and works of art deserve to be displayed in a gallery! The online email archive allows you to keep all your newsletters online, all in one place.

Only 17% of marketers take advantage of email’s strengths and use touch-points throughout the lifecycle. Use the email creator to design emails for the entire customer journey.

Use the email creator to design and send newsletters – the most popular type of email marketing communications. 58% of marketers do this.

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