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Advanced Search
and Segmentation

Get your list organized, always send to the right people

One size does not fit all. GetResponse advanced tools enable you to divide your contacts into separate or overlapping subgroups and segments.
All of which helps you get more engagement and lets your contacts feel unique and important.

Become a true
segmentation pro.

Even if you're new to segmentation, GetResponse allows you to quickly and effortlessly create groups based on countless combinations of conditions such as:

  • Subscriber custom data
  • Geolocation
  • Subscription date and source
  • Last message date
  • Subscriber engagement (opens and clicks)
  • Completeness of autoresponder sequence
Search Contacts

Isolate groups based on one condition or mix many conditions to reach every group of subscribers with custom-made offers. The number of scenarios you can use is limitless.

View and search your contacts with ease.

Use one simple screen to isolate specific subscribers, then view and modify their details.

The advanced search panel will help you create tightly focused groups of contacts and address them with a dedicated and engaging offer tailored to their needs and profile.

Browse search criteria available in the Search Contacts panel.

As you refine your search, you can immediately view the total results on the counter. When you’re happy with your segment, select “Show contacts" to continue and apply more actions to the contacts in the search you defined.


Manage your contacts
in one place.

Through your Search Contacts panel, you’ll also be able to:

  • Copy or move contacts from one campaign to another.
  • Add a custom field to subscribers in your saved search.
  • Export search results to popular file formats.
  • Send an email to selected search recipients.

View subscribers’ details at a glance: autoresponder sequence day, subscription source, subscriber status, and subscriber type. Browse contacts that are unsubscribed, blacklisted, removed, unconfirmed, or undelivered. Or select only valid subscribers — all with just a click.

29% of marketers use basic segmentation as a form of list management. They use 2-5 criteria for targeting, e.g. demographics, category of interest (B2C), industry or role (B2B).

Email list segmentation is key to delivering the right, personalised content to the right recipient. Yet 50.4% of email marketers don’t segment their email list at all.

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