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GDPR Fields

Get transparent and GDPR compliant with GetResponse

A fully integrated consent management tool for seamless GDPR compliance and opt-in transparency

Take the guesswork
out of consent.

In the era of GDPR (the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation), it is even more important to be clear on the status of your contacts' consent.

By arming yourself with GetResponse GDPR Fields and allowing your contacts to provide that consent upon signup, you’ll have a detailed log related to each GDPR consent field you need to manage.

Make consent an intuitive part of the signup process

Create and manage
multiple consent fields.

Even if your business or contacts are not currently affected by GDPR, gaining consent from your contacts and being transparent about the way you aim to use their data is a safe and trustworthy practice.

With GetResponse GDPR Fields, you'll include the full description of the consent that your contact will have the opportunity to review and submit when joining your list from a form on your site, a landing page, or attending your webinar.

Learn more about consent under GDPR
Create and manage multiple consent fields. Create and manage multiple consent fields.

Please note that the above example of a GDPR field name and description should be filled in with a text that adequately corresponds to the data processing activities you plan to carry out and by no means should serve as a template to be used in your actual activity.

Segment and react
automatically based
on consent status.

Find and save groups of contacts based on the specific consent field and a contact’s status of consent. Easily distinguish between contacts that have given consent to a particular data processing activity, or do not have an appropriate consent assigned to them.

Segment and react automatically based on consent status.

Make consent an intuitive
part of the signup process.

Add applicable GDPR fields to your signup forms, landing pages, and webinar registration forms to allow your potential new contacts to review your policies and provide their consent upon signup.

Landing page visitors should also have a chance to review and give consent when signing up from a form on your page.

Make consent an intuitive part of the signup process

This page is for informational purposes only. Please do not treat it as a substitute of a professional legal opinion. Always consult your lawyer or other professionals responsible for data protection within your organization. In no event shall GetResponse be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of any use of or reliance on any content or materials contained herein.

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